No no hair removal buffer pads

No no hair removal buffer pads Make low monthly debit or credit card payments and it can be yours today with no fees and no waiting.
HotĀ replacement tipsĀ packed in a box with illustrated installation instructions on the back.
I ran out and purchased one of the buffing kits in hopes that I would no longer be plagued with the challenges of shaving or waxing.
The second pad slides over the index finger and is used for small areas such as above the top lip.
That being said there are a few things you might want to know about the product itself.
Kits come with five or so of the papers for the palm pad and the same amount for the finger pad.
Depending upon your particular complexion you might find this sloughing to leave you with pale or really white skin.
Although the buffing procedure leaves you with perfectly smooth skin plan on buffing every day.
Long hair will twist around and form tiny hair balls that will need to be trimmed away with scissors.
It works best to trim slightly before buffing than to buff first then cut away all the tiny balls.
She has visited nearly every state in America and now resides in scenic North Carolina.
Laser hair removal is a great option for men and women alike who want to permanently remove unwanted hair from their body.
Using the buffing pad in the same area for too long can result in a painful abrasion.
Since their website said you need replacement tips for when they wear down I decided to order it all at once.
Love the nono and am very glad to be able to purchase replacment blades so we can continue using it.
I purchased the pink No NO 8800 model as I have been looking for a miracle hair removal system for my face for years.
I decided to purchase the nono hair removal system because I wanted to get rid of unwanted hair.
Using it 3 times weekly it still has not stopped the hair from growing nor has it thinned it out.
Their customer service said they will send me two units and when I send the extra unit back they will credit my card accordingly.
I advised customer service to cancel the entire order and the customer service supervisor said he could not do that as I was not in their system.
There is no place online to review their company so thought at least if I posted here it may save someone the same scam.
I too experienced problems with customer service and it took a few calls to resolve the problems.
My first NoNo was ordered using the payment plan but when I received the item it was clearly a used NoNo so I returned it.
Fortunately this issue was resolved after one call but the fact that a collection notice was generated was unbelievable.
NoNo for hair removal will be time intensive and costly because I will have to continuously replace the tip and stock up on buffer pads.
You have to keep the no no on a pretty steady pace when you sweep an area or it will not work.
Some of the stubble will stay behind after you sweep the area and the buffer really does help get the hair off for me.
The directions say you shouldnt let the hair get much longer than stubble length.
I have used it for about 3 weeks now and I am noticing the hair coming in more sporadically and less thick.
It is much harder to get the timing of the stroke down on your face since the area is much smaller.
If anyone is complaining about the ineffectiveness of the NoNo device it is surely because they are not using it correctly.
The product IS SO BAD and DOES NOT WORK that I called back a week later to ask for refund instructions.
I called THREE DIFFERENT TIMES and each one of the reps tried to talk me into keeping it.
I called again and now the operator tells me the truth about their return policy.
The kid I talked to said it was his first day and lied to me about the shipping time frame and tried to talk me into cancelling my order and ordering from him.
I did only order one and thank goodness because it already shipped by the time I had called.
On my face there were a couple of thick hairs that I kept going over and it didnt remove them.
It did remove some of the lighter ones but mostly it burned me in couple spots and didnt do a very good job on removing the hairs I wanted it to.
I suppose if you sat there all day and did it you could eventually take all the hair off but I would rather shave for 10 minutes.
The only thing I cannot comment on is the long term effects of it and having the hair not come in as thick or as often over time.
I would have gave it more of a chance but it just seemed ridiculous to go over the same spots countless times and still have hair there that the pad could wipe away either.
So after giving it a try and realizing I am not satisfied with the product I call customer service and they will not issue me a return label until I have had it for at least 45 days.
So basically they know this product is junk and are hoping to get people to buy it and only leave a very small window of opportunity to return it in hopes they forget and get stuck with it.
Well I have the date marked on my calander and November 10th I am getting my label.
I realize its a business and they need to make money but I just think if people knew the whole return policy they would think twice about the trial.
I still may but that is not how it was advertised and just wanted to give everyone a heads up.
Both of these methods require multiple uses due to the way in which body hair grows.
A detailed chart for determining skin tones that are safe with the SensEpil is provided on this site.
No No Hair Removal device is one such product that can be purchased for less than the cost of shaving for 6 months.
Our goal is to provide information and reviews on various hair removal gadgets in the industry.
I used it every day on my face for about a month and then it died and i had to send for a new one.
I used it and it hurt like heck and left many cat like scrashes on my face I went to wk.
I was never so embarresed as every one stared at me wondering what they were looking at i came home looked in the mirrior and saw my face.
Now apparently they have changed the item number or something because all those reviews are gone.
Think I will stay away from this one unless someone I know personally has used it.
I did a google search of reviews for this product and the many initial reviews that were at the top of the search results were all glowingly positive reviews.
However embedded in each of the reviews was a direct link to buy the product at a discount.
There is no customer service what so ever with this company and im just sorry i spent my hard earned cash with them.
I send it back recorded delivery after 2 weeks because I was so dissatisfied with it.
They will just keep draging their feet about the return and then the 60 days will expire.
I am surprised by those folks who wrote in with a negative comment after only using it a couple of times.
I just finished using it and felt compelled to report that after 6 weeks I am definitely seeing less hair growth.
X a week for over 3 months and the results were minimal and still had to shave in between.
At first it seemed to work on peach fuzz on my face but now I am not even seeing results there.
The bit of hair it would remove would just grow back as quickly and it would constantly stall out and would need restarting.
SORRY you are past the 60 day guarantee by 11 days and tried to give me more instructions on how to use it.
I was told to be pretty much disappointed from the lady of the store I bought it from for the first while.
Any men out there that have tried it had success please let me know your stories.
Maybe someone who had purchased could get these people off the air and protect others.
Clearly much of the inflated price is spent on making sure those fake reviews swamp the searches by consumers who are checking out the product.
I used the nono on one leg and a standard razor on the other leg during that time.
I used the nono on my face using the small tip as instructed and I received slight burns across my upper lip.
I looked pretty funny with burn stripes on my mouth that looked like wrinkles at first glance.
I was going to buy a no no and thought this was too good to be true AND it is apparently.
I will be returning the one I purchased and am concerned after reading some comments.
I tried febreeze air fresheners because they say they remove odors and all I could smell was the burnt hair.
I bought the NONO for my wife in Nov as an early Christmas present so that we both could try it for the 60 day triple guarantee money back trial period.
I will be calling them today to return the product as it is not as effective as the product is advertised.
My wife has been using on her legs and I have been using it on my stomach and chest.
I agree with some of the other posters that the first several sites are simply shortcuts to the NONO web site offering the money back trial period.
I would love to see a close up of the hair being crystalized and then buffed off.
I have been using it for years as it gives me a longer time between hair removal but you can not stop using it or you go back to same regrowth.
I am thinking about buying the No No to supplement the cream but unsure after reading these reviews.
I was thinking to buy the no no but now i just dont know any more because the only reason for me is for my facial hair to buy the no no.
I have used the no no for 2 weeks on my face and have seen more results than the 2 years of laser treatment.
I still have to shave my face but I have already seen a reduction in hair growth.
I think that you have to practice on your legs first before you venture to use it on you face.
Oh but it does burns and scars my skin and leaves visible cat like scratches as the wire from the tips are pulled in to my skin by the hair.
I feel that customer service is trying to do their best at blaming the poor workmanship on the user.
I m from Italy and have it has always been a challenge to remove the hair from my upper lip and seeing the result on my body I was truly hopeful.
Not only do I too have the burn scabs and marks on my cheek but it has made the hair on my upper lip thicker with out removing it.
When you return the product they come out with that you have to pay both shipping cost.
I have to use the nono every other day on the thicker dark hair on my upper lip but the finer hair is gone.
In order for you to get them to pay the shipping to return it you have to wait 6 weeks which means they debit your account one more time.
A big thank you to everyone that has taken time to post their experiences with the NO NO.
I used it 3 times a week for about 2 months and the hair regrowth was noticeably thinner.
As we havent heard fromThe Shop after eight weeks I rang them back to enqure about it.
I wrote a letter asking to be sent manufacturer report before picking up the product i new was dangerous or to receive a ful refund.
It would be best to visit a dermatologist or physician so they can verify that you have dermal injury present.
They had to have wriiten their own reviews cuz this thing is a painful piece of junk.
I told them I want my refund within a reasonable amount of time or they will be getting my dr bill and the bill for the burn cream I had to use.
I used to use it specifically for my chin and neck areas being that I am a more hairy in those parts than most women.
I called the company only to be told that I had exceeded my 60day guaranty and so would have to buy a replacement head.
I was also told by the cust serv rep i spoke with that the head that comes with the product at time of purchase would only last for a certain period.
Why would I want to spend money purchasing more products for an item that has not worked for me thus far.
I wanted my money back but that the product should be exchanged and unfortunately that seems to be an impossible task for the company.
I bought it for my granddaughter and she refused to use it after trying it twice.
I have contacted my credit card company who will be hopefully obtaining a refund for me.
Someone really should look at the huge demand here and invent something that really works.
I did my research before purchasing this item and learned that this isnt a HAIR REMOVAL SYSTEM.
Its a Hair treatment that you would use along with your normal everyday shaving regimen.
Many African American women complained that it didnt work anywhere so it really baffled me.
So basically when you run the NO NO 3 to 8 times in that same area the hair is burned and can easily be buffed off.
Its a hair treatment but i do think we can buy cheaper hair treatment creams that can reduce the growth as well.
First I was impressed and yes I did use it consistantly for 2 months then I got fed up because I was unhappy with the results.
But I have seen no change in the hair thickness or growth on the chin and mustache areas.
I called them and was told to send the product plus charger back to them and they would replace it.
I got it this week and tried it on my chin where I had been getting little hairs recently.
I cannot get the light to stay on all the time and the product does not get all the hairs.
The product burns the hair off and there is no proof it is getting beneath the skin and going to the root.
Have had hairs burned on my arms from getting too close to a campfire so I know what heat and fire can do do in terms of hair regrowth.
I think the company needs to make it very clear that this is NOT laser removal but burning.
I would never have bought it if I had known that all I would be doing was burning my skin with a wire filament that heats up.
I used the product once a month for two years but then slowed to once everything three months because it smelled bad and I live in a dorm now.
My aunt has a problem with facial hair and asked me to check this product out for her.
When I was on the website to purchase it I accidentally clicked the wrong button when ordering and could not edit my purchase.
When I called the company they told me there was nothing they could do at that time.
They told me that I would have to wait until I received the order and then send it back.
I realized later that they just wanted a delayed response from me to get past the warrenty period.
I think people with very coarse hair will be extremely disappointed in this product.
I was up late and watched the nono commercial and it sounded perfect for what I needed.
Plus if you try to return it within in 61 days or 91 days you will not get your money back you have to send it back in plenty of time.
How they show you how it works on TV doesnt even work close to that you really have to press down on your skin and go over extremely slow so if you have a good amount it will never work.
Like many found my google search to bring up obviously false testimonials that no no works.
This site appears to bring out the truth that this is an expensive and disappointing gimmick.
Then they use thread twisted and held between two hands and roll it over the hairs on the neck.
If you have been there they offer the same stuff to you as you leave every Restauraunt to clean your hands.
No in January of this year at the Showcase Store in Ontario and purchased Showcase 3 year extended warranty.
I am more upset with Showcase stores in Canada for not standing behind their extended warranty or even honouring the one year product warranty.
I was not told about this when I purchased the product or their extended warranty.
Make sure you get a written contract if you buy anything from Showcase stores in Canada and read it carefully before you purchase it or anything from their stores.
Life is too short to spend days reading complaints that may or may not be valid for you.
If on the off chance it is one of those things that works for you it will be worth the risk.
I am in skin care and was expecting a product that had some similarity in results to that of laser or waxing.
On the legs this literally takes hours to do and then you have stubble the very next day.
I am not waiting for them to pull any more money out of my account I am closing it and will also contact the BBB.
Laser may be more expensive but it WORKS and waxing is cheap and fast and it WORKS.
I think this device was made in the CIA laboratories for torturing the terrorists.
I had back surgery and knee surgery and could not get in position to work on my legs for that long.
I had been using the No No for several days without so much as ONE hair coming out and I needed to get rid of it fast.
And sat down for the glorious day that I would see my hair just go away for ever.
I purchased the 8800 NO NO about 18 months ago and was offered the 60 day trial period.
I first was very disappointed with the product and wanted to return it until I realized that I was over the 60 day return period so I had no choice but to keep it.
I still have a hard time with the chin area and I occassional get whiskers on my right cheek every now and then.
I will continue to use the product until it no longer works and I am still using the first attachment even after 18 months of use.
The customer service is horrible and the product is a complete and total piece of junk.
It only worked for about three weeks and then did not function properly after that.
They tried to tell me that it was user error but the new tip they sent only lasted a week.
Then they do not tell you that the free shipping only applies after you have had this thing for 45 to 60 days.
Why do I want to hold on to this piece of junk any longer than I have to because it is just not working.
So I guess I have to eat the return shipping I just hope they follow through with the rest of the supposed money back promise.
I only had to do it once and that leg is still remarkably smooth even after 30 days.
The customer service number and return address should be on the bottom of your delivery note which you will need.
He explained it is supposed to be a constant sound and a gliding motion on the skin and my problem was in the pressure I used.
The hair is removed as soon as it glides past it and of course there is more hair the next day since we have so very many follicles growing at different rates.
I have about 20 little coarse hairs on my chin and though they are still growing in they are not as course as when I used to pluck them.
I have plucked them in between no no treatments and notice some have what looks like root attached.
I brought the 8800 8 weeks ago and have used it on a small amount of coarse upper lip and chin hair.
I am fully au fait with the hair growth cycle and if I used this daily for the next 5 years it will make not a jot of difference.
I am posting this so that others have a fully informed choice before spending money on an expensive gadget that will not live up to the manufacturers over exagerated claims.
I am so glad I did my research first and found this site and now I will NOT purchase this item.
LAZER HAIR REMOVAL CREAM that is eventually PERMANENT and they include in the kit a special pen size item for removal of facial hair and special creams etc.
It has been on HSN all day today and I was debating ordering it for my disabled son who will not allow anyone to come near him with clippers.
I will post again tomorrow let everyone know what they say about return it within 45 days.
They are seeking for at home hair removal devices that provide a permanent solution for hair removal.
I am very wary about products advertised on tv anyway and these reviews just remind HOW very glad I am that I AM wary.
THEN the product might be taken off of the market before anyone else falls prey to this scam.
We have to choose a right hair removal device from those that would perfectly provide the expected results without affecting you much.
You can find thousands of different hair removal products that are flooded in market.
It is very time consuming and you have to go over all the areas you want to remove hair more then once.
If you try it out for the whole try period in order to get your full refund if they do give you that back which I doubt you will have payed the whole item off and then will be asking for a refund.
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They recieved it two weeks ago and as of today my Visa still had not been credited.
There is a huge marketing campaign and I guess they persuade enough customers to hang onto these things that at such a high price that they pay for the ones which are returned.
I was considering buying one of these for the wife but the TV ad looked almost too good to be true so decided to do some research first.
It has a little wheel on it that you roll across the area you want to remote hair from.
I purchased No No Hair Removal a few years ago as I wanted to eliminate the unwanted hair on my face.
But they said that was only if I had it for 45 to 50 days which would be long enough for me to see the long term results.
I can understand it if it was doing SOMEthing and I just needed to see how much more it did over time.
The scheme is apparently to delay my shipping long enough for me to forget about returning it until after the trial period.
Being dubious about buying products without actually seeing them I thought I would do some research first.
It is such a shame to see that financial gain plays a major role when marketing products.
Thank you again to everyone and I do sincerely hope that you all get your money back.
Became sceptical after reading loads of bad reviews and kicked myself at having not thought to look for reviews before paying out.
If your looking for a clean finish like shaving then walk away this isnt a product for you.
If your looking for a reduction in the amount of hair and regrowth then used properly this could well be the answer for you.
I have been using it regularly for about a month and there are many places where i have no regrowth.
All they are out to get is your hard earned dollars and you get NOTHING in return.
This procut not only worls perfectly on her but also on my seriously think beard.
I finally got a return authorization but had to pay the shipping costs for the return.
I have been interesxted in looking into the NO NO but now seeing as how everyone s bashing it I will not be trying it.
When tried on my legs just smelled like aweful burnt hair and then looked and most hair was still there.
Sounds like you guys should all get together and do a class action suit for false advertising.
I bought a nono and after 3 wks could get nothing better than stubble on my legs and little difference on my lips and chin.
I rang to send it back but was encouraged to keep trying which I did and it did seem to get better but never smooth.
I tried to take them up on their 60 day money back guarantee and they will not take the product back or refund me.
I was hoping would disapear in a few months never disappeared and if anything got worse.
I bought the NONO You probably we Not told that the parts must all line up with the nono name You also have to use the cream I love my NONO does Not hurt at all.
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